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BOSS (Bidding Online SyStem)

1. I dropped my course which I bided for e$87 in Round 2. However, I was only refunded e$30. Please advise.

The maximum refund of each BOSS round is as follow: e$50 (Round 1 & 1A), e$40 (Round 1B), e$30 (Round 2) and e$10 (Round 2A).

2. When is the deadline to drop a course without getting penalized?

Please refer to Dropping a Confirmed Course after the close of Round 2A (


3. I would like to enquire on Boss Bidding in Term 3A. Suppose I get my bid and I drop the course in Round 2. Will I be billed for the course? In the event that I am billed, do I get to keep the extra e-dollars that was given?

Students will be billed after the release of outcome for Round 1results. Dropping a course in Round 2 will incur a penalty unless the student is successful for another course bid in that round. No e$ for Term 3 if the student does not have a course with a grade at end of Term 3.

For details regarding Term 3 Billing, please refer to Fee Penalty for Term 3 (

4. I have bided for a course in Term 3B and it has been confirmed, can I just double confirm that if I drop the course in Round 2, there would be no penalty? (i.e. the entire fee would be refunded)

Dropping a confirmed course in Round 2 of Term 3B will incur a penalty of 40% tuition fees being forfeited.

For details regarding Term 3 Billing, please refer to Fee Penalty for Term 3 (

5. I bid for a course at e$11.10 which is the same as the minimum bid. However, I was not successful. Please advise.

This is due to tie bids. Please refer to for details.

6. As a Year 1 student, I have checked my timetable for next term. May I ask if we are allowed to reschedule the pre-assigned course? E.g. I am pre-assigned Intro Econs on Wed afternoon 3:30–6:45 class, can I change to another class of the same course?

No swapping is allowed for freshmen pre-assigned courses.

7. I bidded for a course and was unsuccessful. However, I realized that this module appears in my eLearn and I am included in the attendance list for the module. Am I enrolled in the class?

Your bid is unsuccessful. You may confirm your BOSS Outcome via OASIS > Self Service Apps > My Apps >> BOSS Bidding >​ Bidding Results.

When a student bids for a course, this unconfirmed bid is reflected in eLearn to aid student in accessing the materials while waiting for the release of BOSS outcome. Once the outcome is known, this unsuccessful bid will be dropped from eLearn.

8. Can I transfer e$ to a friend, who is in dire need of e$ to bid for his courses in his final term?

It is not possible to transfer e$ to friends. Everyone is given same amount regardless of single/double degree; single/double majors. The number of CUs each student is allowed to take are the same. Your friend will have to bid wisely and if at end of Round 1B, and he/she is in graduating term, he/she could seek advice from his/her School manager.

9. I am a freshman from LKCSB. I am pre-assigned 3 courses; can I enrol up to 5.5CUs?

Freshmen are allowed to enrol for up to maximum of 5 course units (CUs) per term in their first year of study. They will be pre-assigned between 2 and 5 courses as pre-determined by their schools and depending on the exemptions they have.