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Fee Payment for International Student

Students are liable to pay fees upon commencement of an academic school term.

Tuition Fees are billed and payable in two instalments for each academic year. The first instalment, together with the compulsory Annual Fees, applicable to Term 1of each new academic year, will be payable by  3 Sep 2017 after the online matriculation exercise.

The breakdown of the total fee payable in Term 1 of Academic Year 2017 is as follows:

International Student

*Subsidised Fees

**Non-Subsidised Fees

Other Degree Programs

Law Degree Program

Other Degree Programs

Law Degree Program





Tuition Fees





Annual Fees***





Total Fees Payable





The subsidised fees and non-subsidised fees are inclusive of GST.

Subsidised Fees are payable by International Students who have applied and been awarded the Singapore Government Tuition Grant (TG)Click here for Tuition Grant information and application.

International Students who wish to pay Subsidised Fees must apply for the TG online at website :  during the Online Application Period from 25 August to 1 September 2017.

All International Students under the TGs will be required to sign a TG Agreement in which they will be contractually obliged to work in Singapore-based company for a minimum period of 3 years upon graduation.

For more information and enquiries on the Tuition Grant Subsidy scheme, please refer to the Ministry of Education (MOE) website or call the MOE Tuition Grant Section Hotline at 65-6872 2220.

To access the FAQs on the Government Tuition Grant Scheme, pleace click on the navigation path by the order of: > Grant Information > FAQ

** Non-Subsidised Fees are payable by student who does not wish to apply or are not eligible for the Government Tuition Grant

*** Annual Fees for International Student

Upon matriculation, you can view your Fees Payable by the 2nd week of August 2017 via your Statement of Account (SOA). Your SOA is accessible by logging in to OASIS > Finance & Admin > Fee Matters & Financial Assistance Schemes > Account Inquiry.


If you require financial assistance to fund your Tuition Fees, you can apply to one or more of the following schemes:

  • Tuition Fee Loan (TFL)
  • Study Loan (SL)

Please click here for more details on the list of schemes, application procedures, eligibility and terms and conditions. Please note that Non-Subsidised Fees paying students (i.e. Students who do not wish to apply or are not eligible for the Government Tuition grant) are not eligible for these schemes. If you have been awarded a scholarship or a bursary from external agencies, you are required to pay your fees first, and seek reimbursement directly from the awarding instituition. However, if the award is given through SMU, SMU will make the necessary arrangements to present the bill to the relevant institution.

Annual Fees of S$243.66 is payable regardless of which financial assistance you are eligible for. The amount of Tuition Fees* payable will depend on whether you are obtaining any financial assistance scheme(s) and the quantum.

Below is a list of scenarios and the amount payable for your reference:

Net Fees Payable After Financial Assistance (if any) for Term 1

International Student

Other Degree Programs

Law Degree Program

(a) NOT on any financial aid or scholarship

12,200.00 + 243.66
= 12,443.66

13,475.00 + 243.66
= 13,718.66

(b) TFL which covers 90% of Tuition Fees*

12,200.00 – (90% x 5,700.00) + 243.66 = 7,313.66

13,475.00 – (90% x 6,300.00) + 243.66 = 8,048.66

(c) TFL and SL which together cover 100% of Tuition Fees*

12,200.00 – (100% x 5,700.00) + 243.66 = 6,743.66

13,475.00 – (100% x 6,300.00) + 243.66 = 7,418.66

* Tuition Fees refer to the prevailing tuition fees payable by a Singapore Citizen student in the year of application and offer.

Except for scenario (a), the various scenarios assume that your loan application(s) is/are approved.

Last updated on 24 May 2017 .