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Community Service 2018

1. Must I do community service during my course of study at SMU?

Yes. All SMU undergraduates have to complete minimum 80 hours of Community Service as part of SMU’s graduation requirement.  We encourage all students to plan early and complete the hours in your first two years as no exception will be made on this graduation requirement.

2. Is completing the Community Service (CS) e-Briefing through eLearn compulsory?
Yes, it is compulsory for all incoming Freshmen. 
You can only start on your Community Service Project after you have achieved a pass in the e-Quiz.
3. Where can I find/login to eLearn?


Please login directly to the eLearn portal at to complete the CS e-Briefing:
a.     Download the 'Community Service e-Briefing Guidebook' via eLearn to first read and understand the CS guidelines and procedures.
b.     After you have read through the guide, you will be required to take an e-Quiz. To achieve a pass, you will need to score 80% or higher.
c.     You are allowed three attempts to achieve a pass, failing which you will have to meet with C4SR on the next course of action. Here is a guide on how to navigate the CS e-Briefing in eLearn.
1. Login to eLearn ( ) with your SMU username and password: 
2. At the top of the home page, go to “Community Service (CS) e-Briefing” course.
3. On the navigation bar, click on “Quizzes”.
4. Click on the quiz name to access the CS e-Briefing.
5. Click on “Guidebook” to download and read the Community Service e-Briefing Guidebook.


6. Click 'Start Quiz' button to begin the quiz and save each question before submission.

If you have problems accessing eLearn for the CS e-Briefing, please email to for assistance.

4. What is the CS e-Briefing all about?

The CS Briefing is a critical first step as it helps you in understanding the SMU graduation requirement for community service and guidelines and procedures for students' efforts to be recognised towards the graduation requirement.

5. What freshmen projects can I volunteer in?

The following three CS projects have been planned exclusively for you by your seniors to help you to embark on your CS journey before term starts.  You can only select one that appeals to you.

  • Kidleidoscope’ 18

Kidleidoscope’s objective is to provide a medium for SMU volunteers to give back to society while meeting like-minded peers at the same time. Through the activities, the project hopes to build a Kidleidoscope family with its beneficiaries and SMU volunteers.

Kidleidoscope’s mission is to inspire underprivileged children to pursue their dreams by instilling confidence in them. This is achieved through fun and interactive activities facilitated by student volunteers. The programme consists of freshmen community service orientation, beneficiary engagements, and a finale event.

The project aims to demonstrate to the beneficiaries, possible role models, such as our freshmen, that they can look up to. The activities will help the beneficiaries gain self-awareness through creative outlets like tie-dyeing and watercolor painting, bringing an array of colours and patterns to the lives of the children, physically through craft and metaphorically through interactions.

If you need more information, please contact: Gillian OH Ning En, HR Director at

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Facebook: @Kidleidoscope

Instagram: @kscopesmu


  • Inspirar’ 18

Inspirar’s objective is to inspire the youths and emphasize the importance of contributing back to the society, more importantly to be able to relate to the elderly and appreciate them. The project aims to allow the students to foster closer bonds with the elderly, whilst instilling a sense of appreciation towards what they, the younger generation have today.

The project also educates freshmen participants on leading a meaningful life by reconnecting with senior citizens, alongside fun bonding games and exercises. Inspirar also strives to promote and achieve the framework of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security to enhance the quality of life as people age – commonly known as Active Ageing. The programme consists of freshmen community service orientation, beneficiary visits and a finale event. The beneficiary visits will provide a platform for students to participate and engage in fun-filled interactions with the beneficiaries, teaching and informing the elderly the importance of exercise and keeping healthy.

If you need more information, please contact: Daryl ANG Jun Hao, HR Director at

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Facebook: @smuinspirar

Instagram: @smuinspirar


•             starringSMU’ 18

starringSMU’s objective is to provide a platform for participants to engage with the special needs community and gain a better understanding of the community while building strong friendships and bonds.

starringSMU’s mission follows the theme of "A million stars, One guiding light" this year. We aim to ignite the light in the special needs community as well as to inspire them to be the change while leaving a positive mark on their lives.

The programme consists of an Orientation, Beneficiary Engagements and a Finale event. The Orientation aims to bond participants together and allow them to better appreciate what the special needs community goes through. The Beneficiary Engagements aims to allow participants to have the opportunity to interact with the special needs community and hopefully be able to appreciate and give back to the community in the future. The Finale will put a meaningful conclusion for both the participants and beneficiaries. Through the activities, we hope that the participants will be able to better appreciate the beauty of community service and be the guiding light for the special needs community.

If you need more information, please contact: CHANG Jian Ming, HR Director at

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Facebook: @starringSMU

Instagram: @starringSMU

So sign up quickly via the webform link before vacancies are taken up.  You can only sign up with ONE project.  Please refer to the Community Service e-Briefing Guidebook before you attempt the e-Quiz.  Do note that you need to complete the CS e-Briefing before you can start volunteering.

6. Can I only complete the Community Service graduation requirement through the Freshmen CS Orientation Projects?
These Freshmen CS Orientation Projects are planned exclusively for you by your seniors to help you embark on your CS journey before the start of the academic term.
You can also consider volunteering in a cause you are passionate of, and/or with a non-profit or voluntary welfare organisation in your neighbourhood to fulfil all of your community service graduation requirement. There are plenty of opportunities for students to work with beneficiaries and non-profit organisations in Singapore – be it children from low-income families, seniors, persons with disabilities, mental health, migrant workers, environment, etc. Your seniors will also be encouraged to complete your hours in your first two years.
7. Where is the Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR) located?
We are located at #B1-36, Li Ka Shing Library, 70 Stamford Road.
For more information on C4SR, visit