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Provost, Singapore Management University

Dear Students,

Welcome to SMU! I am delighted that you have chosen to study here and congratulate you on your admission.

We take pride in offering you holistic development that goes beyond earning your degree. SMU offers you countless opportunities for growth and self-discovery, and through them, a transformative education.

You will soon encounter a highly qualified and internationally diverse pool of professors from across 30 nationalities. They will ensure that you receive an academically rigorous education and develop your full potential to be effective learners and thinkers. They will involve you in SMU’s signature interactive pedagogy which hones your critical thinking and communication skills in a conducive environment. Speak up and share your ideas, engage in debate and you will learn far more from both your peers and professors. They will introduce you to experiential learning through our exciting programme called SMU-X where you work in multidisciplinary teams. These teams comprise business and industry, public sector agencies and non-profit organisations, with mentors from these sectors working alongside faculty and you to solve real world problems. Additionally, with the introduction of residential living-and-learning at Prinsep Street Residences (PSR) from August this year, overseas learning journeys for PSR residents are also in the plans.

Together, the multi-prong pedagogical approach delivers SMU’s curriculum characterised by both depth and breadth, equipping you with a total skill set. Over 70% of our students choose to do either double degrees or double majors, which gives them the versatility to take on a broad range of careers. I encourage you to seize the opportunity. New interdisciplinary majors have also recently been added and which will be available to your cohort.

With students, faculty and staff representing some 50 countries we are truly a diverse university and you will have many opportunities for global exposure. Starting with your cohort, global exposure participation will be a graduation requirement, so that every SMU graduate enters the workforce with a broad intercultural experience and a holistic understanding of what it means to thrive in a global environment. To this end, SMU will augment our existing opportunities in overseas exchange programmes with our partner universities, overseas internships and study missions, and overseas community service projects, and introduce new forms of global exposure activities, such as SMU-X Overseas projects. We will also enhance support to make sure that none of you will miss out on global exposure opportunities due to financial difficulties.

Through a minimum of 80 hours of community service, you will get opportunities to help the less privileged in a variety of humanitarian causes both locally and across 17 countries worldwide. We believe that through helping others, you will become socially, politically and economically more aware, and more socially responsible. Many students do much more than is required of them. At 18 years as a university, our students have delivered 2.5 million hours of community service!

Further, with a choice of over 120 co-curricular activities (CCAs) ranging from sports, performing and visual arts, community service, entrepreneurial and international interest groups, you will have invaluable opportunities to network and hone team-building, leadership and time-management skills.

Giving our students a career headstart is a key priority. To prepare you for the working world, SMU has in place a dedicated career centre and various initiatives, so you can benefit from career skills programmes, one-on-one career counselling, a job search portal, and recruitment/networking sessions with prospective employers. Internships will help you gain invaluable insights into your future career choices and often give you opportunities to secure job offers even before graduation.

You are beginning a remarkable journey at SMU. You have chosen well in coming to SMU. As you make further choices at SMU -- of courses, clubs, companions and more -- choose well, for the opportunities you pursue here will set your direction for the future. I hope you will enjoy every step on the much longer adventure through life.

Lily Kong

Provost and Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor of Social Sciences

Lily Kong
Provost and 

Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor of Social Sciences



Last updated on 08 May 2018 .