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Community Service

1. Must I do community service during my course of study at SMU?

Yes. All SMU undergraduates have to complete a minimum 80 hours of community service as part of SMU’s graduation requirement.  We encourage all students to complete the hours in your first two years as no exception will be made on this graduation requirement.

2. Is the Community Service (CS) Briefing, organized by the Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR), Compulsory?
Yes, it is compulsory for all incoming Freshmen. 
You can only start on your community service project after you have attended the briefing.  You will attend the briefing during your Freshmen Orientation Camp.
3. What is the CS Briefing all about?

The CS briefing will set the tone for you when you serve the community.  You have to attend the briefing before you can start on your community service project.  It will also help you to get acquainted with the graduation fulfillments and the procedures for your CS to be recognized.  During the talks, there will be a selection of CS projects, planned exclusively for you by your seniors to help you to embark on your CS journey before term starts.

4. Where is the Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR) located?
We are located at #B1-65, School of Information Systems, 80 Stamford Road.
For more information on C4SR, visit