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School of Law

Dean, School of Law

Dear Students,

My colleagues and I welcome you, the tenth undergraduate cohort, as you begin a new phase of your life in the SMU School of Law. We are confident that you will find the experience to be rigorous, exciting, and enriching at the same time. We expect to move into the new School of Law Building by 2017, where you will be able to take advantage of new facilities, including a new law library, state of the art classrooms and a moot courtroom.

At SMU you will find yourself engaged in independent and interactive learning in the context of a holistic and broad-based curriculum. It will be normal to find many demands made on you: academic work (including copious readings as well as individual and group assignments and projects), extra-curricular activities, global exposure opportunities, internship and community service (including pro bono legal work) commitments, and of course your own social life. You will undoubtedly have your network of friends, and can also seek guidance from faculty as well as university officers. Above all, your academic performance and personal growth will depend on how you manage your own time, and what you make of the vast academic and other resources and opportunities in SMU. It is of course important to work towards getting good grades, but be mindful that grades only make the first impression on your prospective employers. Ultimately, it will be the skills honed over the years in law school that you bring to bear on your work that will determine the trajectory of your career.

You will find Law to be a demanding course. Law as a discipline is not just about knowing the rules that govern society. The study of law involves the acquisition of the skills of legal reasoning, research, argumentation, and writing. You will constantly be challenged, and will learn to challenge others. Learning to be a good lawyer requires even greater investment: understanding the social, economic and political contexts in which laws operate to regulate as well as to serve society and its institutions and members. It takes tremendous effort and practice to think like good lawyers. You should expect to encounter surprises and obstacles along the way; this is all part of the learning process.

We aim to produce law graduates who are not only technically competent, but who will also conduct themselves with humanity and integrity in order to better serve society. We wish you all an enriching journey in law school and beyond.


Professor Yeo Tiong Min
Yong Pung How Professor of Law
Dean, School of Law
Singapore Management University


Professor Yeo Tiong Min
Yong Pung How Professor of Law
Dean, School of Law


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