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Course Registration & BOSS

Important Information: Download “Freshmen Guide to Course Registration” via OASIS > Home > Pre-Term Activities and Info after you have matriculated online and activated your SMU Computer Account.

At SMU, all undergraduate students register or enroll for classes via a bidding system called BOSS (Bidding Online SyStem). Each term, the students are given e$ and e-pt, which they use to bid for courses and workshop. This empowers them to draw up their own timetable based on personal choices and study plan, subject to the constraints of curriculum requirements, and the supply and demand of classes.

It is important for freshmen to familiarize themselves with the information, policies and procedures provided so that they do not find themselves in an unnecessary bind. The Freshmen Guide to Course Registration is a ‘ Must ‘ read after they have matriculated.

Freshmen are allowed to enroll for up to maximum of 5 course units (CUs) in each term of their first year of study. However, freshmen are advised to enroll for 4 to 4.5 CUs in their first term of study, so as to gauge their ability to handle the class workload, as well as to achieve a university-life balance. For freshmen, especially in their very first term in SMU, 4 CUs is not a light workload.

Freshmen who are not granted exemptions will be pre-assigned the Foundation Courses. All other courses (School-Specific and University Core), as determined by the respective schools, will be pre-assigned partially and biddable.

The personalized class schedule for some freshmen (those with pre-assigned courses) is scheduled to be released on 29 July 2016, 12:00 noon. Bidding for all other courses will open from 1 Aug – 8 Aug 2016. Only Matriculated Freshmen can bid. Details of the bidding are indicated in the Freshmen Guide to Course Registration. Do not miss bidding during these bidding windows. Otherwise, they will have to wait until the start of term on Monday, 15 August 2016, to bid for the remaining places in the available classes, together with the rest of SMU students.

All students are expected to make use of the BOSS, to bid for courses. For more detailed information on BOSS and the rules, please read through the BOSS Handbook very carefully. The BOSS Handbook is available via the student portal OASIS > Home > Pre-Term Activities and Info, which is accessible only to MATRICULATED SMU students.

BOSS Centre

As freshmen will be new to BOSS, the Registrar’s Office will be setting up a BOSS Centre (1 Aug 2016) where staff  will be available to walk you through the bidding process and help answer any queries you may have regarding the course registration exercise. To register your attendance, please visit OASIS > Home > Pre-Term Activities and Info > Register for BOSS Session from 25 – 29 Jul 2016.

Last updated on 20 May 2016 .